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Reviews must be posted on Amazon, but posting on other retailers and review sites (such as Goodreads, your blog, or your social media accounts) is also very much appreciated. Reviews help potential readers decide whether or not to take a chance on an author who is new to them, and as a part of my ARC Team, you will be helping me make up their minds!


Reviews must be honest. If you get a review copy, you are not obligated to write a five-star review gushing about how totally awesome my book is. I truly want to know what you enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy) in the book, and so do other potential readers!

To be considered for the ARC Team you must have reviewed books of a similar genre in the past. Why? I ask this of my ARC Team so I know you are actually willing to write a review. There’s a place on the signup form to put a link to a review you’ve written. There’s a limited amount of space in my Wanderer List for free ARCS, so sign up now! If all spaces are full, you will be placed on a waiting list and be notified via email when a space opens up for you!

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